Visible results and a practical, easy-to-use size.


  • SEPHORA COLLECTION mask sticks are incredibly easy to use for visible results in 5 minutes flat! Precise and fun application to specifically target the areas of your face without any mess!

    Switch up the sticks depending on your skin’s needs or multi-mask!

    What they do:

    They are enriched with star ingredients and have 2 types of texture (smooth or exfoliating) to meet the skin’s different needs and depending on your current mood:

    Watermelon - Nourishing

    Bamboo - Mattifying

    Charcoal - Smooting scrub

    Spirulina - Purifying

    Points of difference:

    - Effective formulas in 5 minutes!

    - Can be mixed depending on your daily needs or the area of the face.

    1 stick = 15 uses! The stick format is practical and economical!

  • No Refund or Exchange

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