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10 Products to Chill in Your Skin Care Fridge

Gel Masks

Water based face masks like the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask are extremely hydrating and fantastic for all skin types. Apply this mask and let it sit overnight for a refreshed, youthful glow by morning.

Sheet Masks

Hydrating sheet masks are a great trick for transforming the skin in 20 minutes. They infuse the skin with moisture and provide an instant plumping effect, the perfect canvas for a “no makeup makeup” look. Try the Sephora Collection.

Eye Masks

Wake up your skin with a cooling eye mask in the morning, and watch the puffiness subside immediately. Add two cups of coffee, and now you’re awake too!

Jade Roller

Define your cheekbones and jawline with a chilled jade or rose quartz roller. These tools are fantastic for improving skin elasticity and feel great when used over a hydrating gel mask or sheet mask.

Cold Roller
Acne can be painful, especially for people who can’t help but pick at their skin. Try an ice roller to help calm redness and irritation.

Toners are essential to every skin care routine. They restore the skin to it’s natural pH level and bind water to the skin.

Moisturizing Gel

Water based moisturizers are great for oily skin types. These skin types are usually dehydrated. People with this skin type have plenty of oil, but lack the water that the skin needs to function properly.

Eye Cream

The skin around the eyes is the thinnest and most delicate on the body; therefore, it needs a little extra help. Start a habit of applying eye cream every morning and night for decreased fine lines over time.


The healing properties of aloe are no secret, but are even more intensified if the product is cold. Apply on burned or irritated skin for a calming and soothing experience.

Face Mists

Facial mists are refreshing on their own, but cold out of the skin care fridge? Amazing!


The last item to keep in your fridge isn’t a skin care item, but it is one of my favorite beauty products. Have you ever abandoned a perfume for a few months and when you finally go back to it, it smells spoiled? Fluctuating temperatures throughout the year and exposure to sunlight cause chemical changes to perfumes, which can ruin their scent. Popping your perfumes in the fridge enhance the longevity of your favorite fragrances.

Most of these skin care items can help reduce puffiness, calm irritation, and increase hydration on the skin. Not to mention, your products will last a lot longer by keeping them chilled. Plus, who doesn’t want an adorable skin care fridge sitting on their vanity, adding to the aesthetic?! The skin care fridge is not a fad, but a genius device that boosts your products’ performance.

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