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Why You Should Wash Your Face With Carbonated Water?

Want brighter skin? Try dunking your head in sparkling water. Seriously. By washing your face with carbonated mineral water, you can revitalize your complexion and achieve a healthier-looking glow.

The effervescent technique, which was first popularized by women in Japan and Korea, is said to come with several benefits, including firming and tightening up the skin, removing dead skin cells, and purifying the pores. Aside from doing away with dirt and grime, the bubbles in the beverage are known to deliver oxygen to the skin’s barrier, which can tone down puffy areas for a smoother, more supple look.

Getting in on the trend is easy; all you have to do is fill a bowl with one part carbonated water and mix it with an equal amount of regular H20 (this will dilute some of the fizziness so that it’s not too harsh on the skin). You can use it while cleansing or submerge your face in the treatment for 10 to 15 seconds—just don’t do it more than once or twice a week to avoid irritation. Another option is to dab some of the liquid on a cotton pad and apply it as a toner.

If you stick to the routine, your skin should appear fresher

and more radiant in as little as a month.

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