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10 Beauty Benefits Of Staying At Home

Whether you’re on #day 4 or #day 12 of quarantine life, or maybe you’ve lost count, it’s time to make the most of your new routine. While we don’t deny this is a very uncertain time in our lives, we always try to find the positive aspects of any given situation. And we’ve managed to find that social distancing has more than a few beauty benefits; we’ve been masking from noon to night, sipping on detox drinks 24/7, and catching up on our beauty sleep, and you should too. Here’s what’s fueling our positivity right now and amping up our beauty game…

1. You Have Time to Focus on Your Skincare Routine

2. You Can Go Makeup-Free

3. No Commute = Extra Beauty Sleep

4. You Can Wear Hair Masks Around the Clock

5. More Time to Work Out (From Home)

6. You Can Face Mask While You Work

7. Time to Learn How to Do DIY Nail Art

8. You Have Detox Drinks on Tap

9. Lunchtime Meditation

10. You Can Brighten Your Smile While You Work

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