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How to Take Care of Your Skin During Ramadan

Ramadan is coming in the summer one more time; the fasting combined with the hot weather will definitely have an effect on your skin. Which is why we’re going to tell you how to take care of your skin during Ramadan. In fact, a woman should pay extra attention to her skin during the month of Ramadan.

Here is a list of things you can do to take care of your skin and keep it hydrated during Ramadan:

1. Drink lots of water after fasting.

When you break your fasting, make sure you eat some of the meals that are water based, such as soup. Of course, you need to drink at least eight cups of water before you start your fasting the next day, to keep your skin hydrated during Ramadan.

2. Reduce the intake of dairy products.

It has been said that dairy products lead to acne and pimples. So stay away from the dairy products, the Kunafa, and other Ramadan desserts to prevent your skin from breaking out.

3. Stay away from sodas and caffeinated drinks.

The trick to taking care of your skin in Ramadan, is to avoid certain foods and drinks. Caffeine and soda drinks are known to suck out the minerals in the body, which has a negative effect on your skin.

4. Don’t forget to pamper your eyes.

Ramadan is a hectic time, and you could easily notice the appearance of dark circles under your eyes. Give your eyes a little attention by placing tea bags over your eyes, and try to get eight hours of sleep every night. This will definitely take care of your skin during Ramadan, giving your face a soft glow.

5. Aim for the shade.

If you are running errands in the morning, try to avoid the sun and walk in the shade whenever you can, and of course apply sunblock to your skin before you head out.

6. Load up on nuts.

The perfect thing to snack on during Ramadan to take of your skin is nuts. Eating cashews and almonds play a big role in rejuvenating your skin because they contain large percentages of fibers and fatty acids.

7. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

To take care of your skin in Ramadan, you shouldn't neglect it. After washing your face with luke warm water, make sure to moisturize your skin as it has probably lost a lot of its moisture due to lack of hydration during fasting.


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