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Are Face Mists and sprays Necessary? How to Use Them and Why You Need One

11 reasons to try a face mist (they do far more than just refresh your skin!).

If you ever happen to walk by my desk, I guarantee you'll see a face mist... or three. I don't know a single beauty editor who isn't obsessed with them.

That's because they're the kind of product that you'd never know you needed—but once you try, can't live without.

Here are 11 ways you can use a face mist:

1. Face mist refreshes your skin.

This one goes without saying—face mist is an instant pick-me-up. Spritzing your face feels cooling and refreshing on a hot day, post-yoga class or whenever you hit that mid-afternoon slump at the office.

2. Face mist hydrates your skin on the go.

If you choose a face mist formulated with extra hydrating ingredients (like essential oils, glycerin and panthenol), it can keep dry skin at bay when you spritz it on throughout the day. Unlike repeat applications of moisturizer, it won't mess up your makeup!

3. Face mist helps you seal in extra moisture.

Another way to increase your skin's hydration is by layering an application of face mist in between your skincare and makeup products. For example, you could mist before applying moisturizer, again before primer, and again before foundation. With each step, you're sealing in the moisture—the end result will be a plumper, dewier skin look.

4. Face mist primes your skin for makeup.

If you apply it before your foundation, a layer of face mist helps create a smoother, more hydrated canvas over which to apply makeup. A regular face mist will work, or you can try one from the new category of priming face mists designed specifically for this purpose. Many of these are silicone-free, making them a great alternative to conventional primers for those of us trying to avoid that ingredient.

5. Face mist helps blend your makeup.

The key to great skin makeup is to blend, blend, blend! Face mist can help foundation spread more easily and give a sheerer, more natural finish. I also like using a face mist to dampen my Beautyblender sponge, pressing it into my skin to remove excess product.

6. Face mist helps your makeup look more natural.

I love setting my makeup with powder to make it last longer—but I don't love a dry, powdery texture. Enter face mist. Used sparingly, it gets rid of the surface powder residue for that seamless, lived-in look we all covet.

7. Face mist sets your makeup.

Alternatively, you can use face mist to both take down powder and make your makeup last longer, in one step. Look for one of the new hybrid face mist-setting sprays, which contain ingredients that extend the wear-time of your foundation. Many use silicones, but I like Farmacy's because they use natural polymers.

8. Face mist revives your makeup.

When you're heading from the office to cocktails, face mists are a great way to touch-up your foundation without having to wash your face and start all over again. All you need to do is mist your face a couple times and then use your fingertips or a brush to re-blend. Spot-conceal where needed, and you're ready to go.

9. Face mist can help control oil production.

If you thought powder and blotting sheets were your only options for mattifying throughout the day, think again. There are face mists that absorb excess oil while providing light hydration.

10. Face mist boosts absorption of your moisturizers and masks.

Damp skin acts like a sponge, quickly absorbing any products you put on it. (That's why dermatologists often advise people with dry skin to apply their body lotion straight out of the shower.) To maximize your face creams' performance, try using them on top of a layer of face mist. The same thing goes for masks—they'll glide on more smoothly and penetrate more easily if your skin is moist, not dry.

There's so much you can do with face mist! It's an incredibly versatile beauty product that I reach for every single day.

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